Lojra me Strategji

Kingdoms A simple, yet addictive turn based game where you control your kingdom in an attempt to conquer the hoards of orcs. Build and army, manage your population, grow and sell food and h [...]
Samurai Rebellion Lead your fierce samurai forces into open rebellion and conquer Japan! You are living in the shadow of the unworthy Shogun Nobunaga for far too long, already. Time to gather your l [...]
Scrap Metal Presenting Scrap Metal! You are in charge of a robot boxer working his way through the boxing circuit. You manage the Comeback Kid, robo boxer in training. 30 rounds of boxing! 30 [...]
Idle Planet Idle Game where you evolve your own Planet to the best Planet in the Universe! Click on the Planet
Memoriz : Fruits et Légumes Jeu de mémoire . Il faut trouver les cartes identiques . Trouvez les cartes identiques !
Life Care Hospital You are just opened your own new Clinic, this is your childhood dreams coming to life. In your Hospital lots of patients started coming. This is the winter season so almost everybo [...]
Tesla: War Of Currents Tesla vs Edison, keep your team alive and blast your way through each level. Upgrade your squad, unlock hidden units, and take Edison’s inventions down! Instructions: Help Te [...]
Towers Trap You have available 6 types of towers, using them build a labyrinth from entrance to exit. Each tower can be pumped 4 times.With each wave, the enemies become stronger, reasonable u [...]
Virus Wars You got the chance to control the viruse, which can inject his DNA-code into a living cells. Your objective is about getting rid of all enemy viruses and saving the organism. You’r [...]
Loudmouths monsters Help to the little Bobby to avoid all the loudmouths monsters and make your own reputation obtain the highest score! Your highScore can be in the leaderboard i you are agree. You c [...]