Lojra me Lufte

Zombieland Zombies and monsters devour human sites in constant human living space getting smaller and smaller, brave hero, took up arms into zombie territory, destroy them, snatching the plac [...]
Sleepy Cat Kill all the flies but don’t wake the cat up. click left mouse to shoot the flies.
Cannon Cannon – is a casual game where you need to gain score. With each killing enemy game is getting harder. Left Mouse Button=Shoot Space=Pause
Tek Tactical Tek Tactical is a survival-style shooter with amazing graphics and animations, tons of RPG elements such as upgrading stats and customizing weapons, and plenty of ways to destroy y [...]
Basketball-2014 Throw the ball into the Basket by selecting accurate power and direction. each level will have different challenges. Click and hold down your mouse anywhere on the stage to increas [...]
Health Food Frenzy Health Food Frenzy is a side-scrolling shooter game aimed at reinforcing healthy eating habits. The player must avoid junk food and eat healthy food to earn points throughout incre [...]
Project You control a unit in an unfamiliar environment and have to defend yourself against approaching enemies. Each one of your opponents is different from each other and the more waves [...]
Side Blaster A fast paced side shooter! Blast the oncoming bombs to score points, but don’t get hit! Featuring click, touch and keyboard controls! Use the arrow keys, mouse or your touch [...]
Mad Penguins The end of the world has come and gone. Only a small sliver of the Earth is inhabitable. Unfortunately, it is inhabited by giant flesh eating penguins committed to eating you. Laun [...]
Angry Drones This is a FPS survivor shooter where your aim is to shoot as much enemies as you can before death. It features some nice well optimised graphics. Bevare evil Angry Drones! Controls [...]