Lojra me Aksion

Chopper Run Avoid the obstacles and collect as many coins as long as you can. Use the left mouse button and avoid the obstacles and collect as many coins as long as you can.
Sniffmouse Heaven You have been kidnapped ny sniffmouse in the heaven. You have to get out of here. Find icons to open the door and get to the freedom. Use your mouse, find hints.
Sniffmouse - Real world escape 3 This time You are trapped in the kitchen. The doors is jammed. Use any clues and find useful objects to get those doors open and get out of here Point and click type game, mouse on [...]
Shape Catcher Help the kid get his shapes back! Try to catch as many as you can, but watch out for bombs, they are dangerous! Use the left/right arrow keys or the A/D keys to move the kid to cat [...]
Poo Runner OMG, there’s monies all over the roads! Other people are trying to scoop it up! Stay ahead of them to get as much money as you can, and avoid the poop! Mouse to move.
Tap The Bubble 2 Tap the Bubble 2 took the best of arcade marble popper games and topped that with social zest and fun characters. Challenge other players online, earn experience and unlock new fea [...]
Bloody Climber Climb as high as you can. Beware of traps! Press X to jump. Collect coins and then press Z key to enter the shop.
Clash In Space A Space Shooter Nice scrolling space shooter game. Where you kill enemy spaceship and there is also a boss at the end of level 3. There is power ups too. Very hard to clear level 1 and 3 . Challen [...]
The Float • Breath taking avoid asteroids game! • Plan ahead or you will loose! • Stay sharp or you will loose! • You will eventually loose, but leave a mark in high scores list before you d [...]
Farty Flappy Butt Avoid plungers as a farty flappy butt. Unlock multiple play modes and write beautiful music. ~click or press space to fart ~P to pause ~N to mute sound ~M to mute music ~S to show [...]